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I Am Online Writers Guide

Thursday, May 6, 2021



Why should you be concerned with the most popular eBook topics? First, it's easier to find your niche if you know what's hot right now. Second, publishing the eBook to a small audience is faster and less expensive than publishing it to a general audience. When you have a limited marketing budget, as most of us do at first, you must take advantage of all available free tools for promoting your eBook.


Those who write and publish fiction eBooks should have a long-term strategy in mind: reach for fame, and you'll sell almost everything you make. A best-selling author can sell eBooks under his or her name.


If you've decided what to post, you can use search engines, email, links, discussion groups, auctions, and other methods to find and attract your target audience. Find, sort, and deliver qualified audiences to your website or email address interested in eBook topics about specific subjects.


But if you are a newbie, figure out yourself first. For inspiration, draw on your personal experiences. Examine your passions, specialties, and fields of expertise. What has encouraged, driven, angered, or rewarded you in the past? Have you gained expertise or skills that you can pass on to others as a result of your schooling, work, or business trials and successes? Are there any common eBook topics that are relevant to your personal experiences?


Make a list on paper and do some brainstorming. Next, make a list of subjects that could be extended into articles or books under each heading. This exercise will assist you in identifying a variety of places in your life that may be fertile ground for book ideas. Anything you're passionate about will help you succeed.

 However, don't think that you have to be an expert or have a huge success to write about anything. To begin writing your eBook, all you need is some experience. And we're here to assist you in this regard.


What if you don't know where to start writing or if you're looking for new book ideas? Nothing to worry about because we have brought you the Top 10 Killer EBook Ideas For 2021. Consider these topic-inspiring ideas to help you create more content.

1.  Create EBooks Of Ideas

 There are a lot of smart and opinionated people in your environment. Use their perspectives to create an eBook that highlights a diverse range of ideas on any subject. Your source may be relatives, coworkers, or teachers.


2Create EBooks Of Techniques

 This is like the specialist's roundup eBook in which you share a certain number of techniques—for example, 20 business techniques for 2021 and 15 life hack techniques for females. There are wide topics of techniques on which you can write on. You can easily find one topic to make an eBook in no time.

3  Create EBooks On "How To" Niche


"How to" books are always in demand. People are still eager to learn and achieve more in their lives. "How to" eBooks typically sell for a higher price. Make a list of possible eBooks based on your life experiences that teach readers "how to" get what they want. Then, consider converting those recurring ideas into a concise how-to guide with evergreen tips that your audience will use to find the solution.

 4  Create EBooks Of Special Reports


Publishers may use special report eBook covers as a source of additional revenue. There will be chapters or sections of your "how-to" book that can be extended and repackaged into comprehensive, multi-page papers. Since customers are willing to pay more for the exact details they need, you can also charge more for the special report eBook than for the original eBook.

5Create EBooks Of Manuals On Technical Subjects


The distribution of technical manuals in digital form has a growing demand for eBooks. Computer-related titles are at the top of the list of most popular eBook topics sold online. The market is ready for you if you have the skills or materials for writing such texts.

6 Create EBooks Of Educational Textbooks


EBooks enable students to download the most recent edition of course material and store a large number of E-textbooks on a single lightweight, portable device. Cutting textbook prices, lightening their backpacks, delivering timely content, and improving the learning experience are all advantages of using eBook reading devices with text searching capabilities. In addition, Etextbook publishing is a no-lose practice for publishers. 

7.  Create EBooks On Romance, Sci-fi, Horror and Mystery


As previously mentioned, romance is one of the most popular eBook genres. The desire for romance is well known, as it accounts for nearly half of all mass-market eBook sales in The United States. Science fiction, like romance, also has a proven market in the eBook world. Likewise, Horror and Mystery are on the same list as well. People have always been crazy about these two particular niches. According to an article in the US newspaper, publishing an eBook in these genres would attract more audience.

8 Create EBooks Of Combined Blog Posts On A Single Subject


Although everyone enjoys reading blogs, they are seldom published in chronological order. People often begin reading a post on one subject only to find themselves lost in a dilemma of ideas and knowledge after clicking on one connection to another. Turn some of your larger, more common blog topics into eBooks with a linear narrative to make your blog material easier to manage. You will probably have the majority of the content; all that's left is to put it all together.

9. Create EBooks on Storytelling 


Create a storybook in the style of children's literature to bring life or simplicity to a complex subject. Your audience would be enthralled and appreciate the straightforward storytelling. Parents especially love to get storytelling eBooks for their Children.

10.  Create EBooks Of Seasonal Resources


Look for ways to personalize your eBook by tying it to seasonal themes. Is there a seasonal correlation to any of your programs or creative offerings? For example, a school with a large outdoor component might write a "TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT NATURE" eBook and publish it as soon as the weather warms up. Also, you can create an eBook to inform your readers about the "BENEFITS OF DIFFERENT SEASONS."



Wednesday, April 28, 2021





Businesses are often seen as publishing amateurish work. This is largely because, rather than concentrating on quality material, they prioritize getting the job done. Making errors in your online content will cost you, clients. Hiring proofreaders is a smart way to prevent errors that go unnoticed by your untrained eyes.

 Proofreading is more than just looking for apparent mistakes, typos, and errors. Proofreading services will help you grow your company while also saving you time and money. Here are some of the most important reasons why an online business needs a proofreader:


1) Formal Appearance:

Proofreaders will give you an upper hand on what you should write for your business. Their expert eye for material will make it look more formal when necessary and more informal when required.

Any content's first draft is never good enough. Proofreaders will not only spot errors in these drafts, but they will also make recommendations for changes that need to be made to make the content more topic centric.

They will study others thoroughly to give you an advantage over them. Your material is a reflection of the work you do for them, and errors such as spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors will leave them disappointed. You can lose clients and resources as a result of this. These will be corrected by a proofreader.

2) Detecting Grammatical Mistakes:

 As previously stated, mistakes will cost you money and customers, so proofreading all professional messages exchanged with employees or customers is recommended. Proofreaders have a sharp eye for errors, and it takes them very little time to spot grammatical errors that you might overlook. They use a range of models and pay close attention to the finer points. Avoiding these would ensure that your professionalism is seen as one of your core assets by audiences, consumers, and clients.

3) Spend Less:

You can save money by not slaving over a paper while proofreading it and instead focusing on more relevant tasks. Since proofreaders are being paid to work on your piece, they will concentrate on making it more TG-friendly. A properly proofread document's improved professional presence lets you make more money because it not only engages but also builds confidence in your audience.

 4) Understanding Of Urgency:

Proofreaders can complete the work competently and efficiently because it is their only and primary task. They concentrate on snatching up as much work as possible and delivering on schedule. Corrections are made such that they are ready to use and that no further modifications to the material are needed.


5) Integrity:

Proofreaders help your content development in depth by removing all mistakes and making recommendations for what is best for your target audience. If your content contains the fewest errors and attracts the attention of its target audience, you will undoubtedly gain more credibility through online sharing, word of mouth, and other means. The more you're listed, the better.



The advantage of outsourcing or hiring a proofreading service is that you can concentrate on your core duties and activities without sacrificing skilled content quality. This saves you time and resources while also allowing you to expand your client base, audience, and employers.


Thursday, April 1, 2021



A job proposal is the first step toward seeking jobs or even a new profession. It will assist any job applicant in demonstrating to employers his or her expertise, talents, and applicable experience. This is how you can introduce yourself and prove why you are a good choice for a particular role.


If you're a freelance writer, the question of how to write a job proposal might be on your mind. It doesn't matter whether you're just starting as a freelancer or whether you've already established yourself as a top performer; an impressive job proposal can help you win jobs

If you want to win jobs to earn money, you'll need a well-written job proposal.

What is the point at which a text begins? You should be aware of the components that will make up your message strong in terms of structure. However, keep in mind that you will be selling yourself with the aid of a proposal, so use the sales proposal format.


A Few Parts Of The Proposal

If you're getting ready to write your proposal, you may be wondering what it is about and what to include. Essentially, a proposal demonstrates that you understand the needs of a potential client, illustrates your practical expertise, and lays out your strategy. The details of what you should include can differ by sector, but here's a general idea of what to include:


1.An Overview Of The Proposal Project

It is where you show that you understand the client's demand and offer a solution.


2.An Estimation Of The Cost

When it comes to money, no one likes changes, hence, be as precise as possible. Include your rates (hourly or otherwise) while remembering that the actual price can change. If you're bidding on anything like an interior design project, do not project an exact cost before your client fleshes out the work details.


3.Processes And Timelines Are Broken Down

“When will this be finished?” is a question that every client will ask. For each mission, include a comprehensive project description and a rough timeline.


4.Payment And Conditions

You'll probably go into more detail about this in a contract, but make sure to include any provisions (such as how many changes are needed, etc.) and payment details (such as when the money is due), so your potential clients know exactly what to expect.


5.Signatures As Well As Contact Details

Do not forget to add signature lines so that you and your client can approve the proposal's terms and let your prospective clients know how to reach you. Sending the request digitally and allowing prospective clients to consent to electronic signatures is a good idea. It will speed up the process and will provide you with a strategic edge.



Proceed with simple components to present more about yourself when you have finished with your job proposal outline as a freelance writer.


Here Are Six Of Them


1.Know That This Is Not About You Completely

If you're one of the 35% of American freelance writers who choose to work for themselves, you probably have some skills, such as writing skills, or at least enough to feel comfortable that you can go alone and succeed. Those exceptional abilities are, without a doubt, your bread and butter, and prospective clients should be aware of them.

When you sit down to write your proposal, consider the future client first. Instead of concentrating on all of the options in your toolbox right away, concentrate on the client's dilemma and what will relate to them.

Make sure you know exactly know what the clients are searching for by doing some analysis. Examine the company's website and employee list, as well as client’s rivals. You'll know how to introduce yourself and your services in your proposal if you know the company, competitive environment, and what skill sets client’s team members already have. After that, you'll be able to make some points in your proposal that prove you have done your homework.


2. Demonstrate Your Abilities

Although it is important to show that you understand the clients and their dilemma, you should introduce yourself to them accordingly. Make sure to sell your skills in the introduction.

It's appealing to show potential clients everything you can offer, but in the end, they're just interested in what's important to them. Examine Reports or job descriptions you have and make sure to highlight any related abilities, experience, and/or degrees you have.


The information you gathered while researching the client will assist you in deciding which expertise and skills to highlight.


3.Show Your Concern

It's important to demonstrate not only that you can do the job, but that you want to do it. If you're a freelance writer, for example, address certain points you'll use in your work or provide a rough overview of the blog post you'd like to write for your client in a style that fits theirs. You don't have to do the project for free, but you can prove that you've given it some thought. This will prove that you have the requisite skills and are a self-starter.



4. Make Your Proposal Appealing

Nobody enjoys reading dull material, and the world is full of skimmers. In your freelance proposal, you have a lot to say, but try to keep it short and interesting. Subheadings, bulleted lists, photos, and other visual resources will assist in the comprehension of the details in your proposal


Remember that even the most well-written and effective proposals will benefit from a formal presentation. Make sure yours is consistent with your brand's logo, colors, and other elements. Make sure it's well-organized, clean of spelling and grammatical mistakes, and well-presented.



5.Make Use Of Proposal Software

Proposal writing can be significantly assisted by the use of special methods. Many proposal tools can be used. Learning those tools, however, will require some practice, but it will pay off in the long run by allowing you to win multiple freelance writing projects.


6.Select Fully Prepared Templates

This is the simplest method. Simply look for a prototype that suits your needs and download it. The template already has material that is popular in proposal writing. Using a prototype is a perfect way to learn the most popular structure and content while still saving you a lot of time.



From the last decade, the systematics of the world has significantly changed. Modern techniques are needed to stay in the competition. Above mentioned techniques will win you more and more projects and opportunities in the field of freelance writing. As the whole world is in the process of complete digitalization, you should also give it a go and excel in this field.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

 How to Find a Home-Based Content Writer

Are you looking for a home-based content writer who can write your content for you? If so, you are reading the right blog post. Finding the best content writers can be a hard task sometimes. Some may charge a lot of money, whereas others may not have the best rating but have customers. It can especially be hard when you are in search of a professional content writer who can do your work as soon as possible. Do not worry, though. In this post, we will be telling you about several ways through which you can find the best home-based content writers.


Finding through Freelancing Websites:

The best way to probably find home-based content writers is to search on freelancing websites. There are hundreds, if not thousands or more content writers looking for any sort of writing job. Because competition is so high, the content writers will try to provide the best services for the lowest price just so you can choose them over others' work. Moreover, you can instantly know whether someone is an experienced writer or not by looking at the number of orders they have completed. If you are still not sure, you can check the customer reviews about that person to know whether or not his/her services are worth buying. Here are some well-known freelance service providing websites where you can easily find a content writer:


Fiverr: Fiverr is without a doubt the most popular platform for freelancers. You can find thousands of content writers providing you the best services for the best money there.


Freelancer: Freelancer is another great website with over 23 million registered users. You can look over here if Fiverr doesn't interest you.


Upwork: Upwork is a great website for freelancers. You will only find high-quality writers on Upwork, besides numerous other services. There are tons of home-based content writers providing services on Upwork.


Finding through Social Media:


If you do not like the way of finding people and then wait for their response on a freelancing website. You can also find home-based content writers by joining content writing groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit. There are many groups/ subreddits dedicated to content writing on the preceding two platforms. There you can find many people looking for work. If you want the freelancers to approach you for work, you can just post about requirements for content writers. You can post some details of your work in the post and the amount of money you will be paying to the content writer. In just a matter of a few minutes, you will start getting responses from a lot of people that would want to work with you. You can ask for a sample in the post as well. Once you have liked someone's sample, you can hire that person for the job.



These are the two best ways of finding a home-based content writer. You can find thousands of content writers serving a travel niche this way as well. You might think of writing all your content by yourself, but it isn't as easy as you think. Understanding SEO and writing a bundle of words within a couple of hours is something only experienced writers could do. Content writing is a draining job, and it is better if you let a professional handle this for you.


Sunday, March 7, 2021


Freelance content writing is becoming a buzz of the town nowadays. People are curious to learn and grow in the community of the peer group. Many platforms offer opportunities to the youth to showcase their talents, and competition has also been given to that talent to prevail.

In this era of AI (Artificial Intelligence), where robots are replacing many jobs, young individuals see the hope in freelance content writing as a perfect platform for career building. There are indefinite benefits of becoming a freelance content writer. However, I have highlighted five of them.

1.   It Provides a Great Job Security

This one has got the staggering benefit. You get a monthly paycheck if you have a regular job. When you freelance, you take whatever job you can get, and each month is different. The daily job appears to provide more security.

However, if your employment is terminated or you are fired, you will lose 100% of your salary. When one of your freelance clients stops paying you, you lose 10-20% of your profits. You get it back as soon as a new client is signed. In this way, depending on a boss to sign the checks is not really needed anymore. That is true job protection.

 2. Work Would Be More Interesting

Whatever profession you adopt, you'll be stuck with an assignment or position that leaves you to exhaustion for months or even years. It is part of working for a business that concerns them more about themselves than your own happiness and well-being.

You have complete control over which assignments you accept and quit as a freelance content writer. That means more gigs align with your interests, and you get repeat business opportunities with the clients you would enjoy working with.

3. Income Would Be Limitless

Every year with a normal job, you'll (probably) get a small increase. But that is what ultimately matters. Your salary is essentially fixed unless you get a promotion or a commission. Some people find this soothing, but it is also why people get trapped in a credit card debt loop.


If you want to make more money as a freelancer, you simply need to work for more hours. If it's a temporary change to fund a holiday or the addition of home assignments, having more versatility improves your life in a variety of ways.

4. Liberty of Time

This is the most important advantage of working as a freelance content writer. You must devote a certain amount of time to writing and a certain amount of time to administrative tasks. There is nothing you can do with how quickly you write and how much money you want to make when it comes to determining how much time you spend writing.

5. Independence From A Specific Location

You have the freedom to choose not only when but also where you spend your working hours. Most freelance writers work from home, but if you need a break or a change of scenery, you can go to a coffee shop, library, bar, or elsewhere.

This is also useful for vacations and tours. People who frequently travel when working from home on a freelance basis — are becoming more popular, and writers are among them.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Top 10 Bloggers as Freelance Writers

A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website which includes diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites. There are a lot of successful bloggers as freelance writers. To be a successful blogger you need to have a host of traits. Moreover, a good blogger can also inherit good traits with the passage of time as a freelance writer. In this post, an account of the top 10 bloggers as freelance writers shall be discussed thoroughly covering their best characteristics. The key to success for a blogger is to write a lot, because the more you write, the better your writing gets. Therefore an effective blogger is indeed prolific, concise, analytical, a good learner, consistent and focused, a good manager, organized, persistent, self-starter, and firmly committed. Taking into account these significant and valuable traits, following bloggers as freelance writers seem to be the top 10 amongst a lot of other bloggers. Moreover, freelance writing is done in many ways as a blogger. In fact, it is a source of writing for money while doing on one’s own and not being employed by any organization or company.


The following top-10 bloggers as freelance writers have proved their worth and mettle by means of multifarious traits.


1. Darren Rowse (ProBlogger):

Darren Rowse has been working as a blogger in terms of content writing for more than 15 years. His history of blogging can be traced back to 2002 when he came across an article about “blogging”. Remarkably, he started his own Blog right away, a personal blog on the issues of pop culture and spirituality. Subsequently, his blogging as a hobby grew to a full-fledged business over the period of time. After about a year of blogging, he began a Digital Photography blog and founded AdSense and Amazon affiliate program. He has proved to blog a possible means of living. He believes in writing daily and creating actionable content. Moreover, he began "ProBlogger" as community interaction, a key measure towards building a content career. Furthermore, he creates unique content keeping in mind the reader’s needs.


2. Brian Clark:

Brian Clark is the founder and CEO of copy bloggers and host of Unemployable, an educational community that provides smart strategies for freelancers. He began developing content online in 1998 and created his brand in 1999. The best thing, Brian did was the development of a "Copyblogger". Subsequently, in 2006 he started this site that has progressed into a high-profile digital trade magazine. His site has been recognized as one of the most influential blogs in the world, especially by Guardian and Advertising Age. He has the ability to connect to his audience and furnish valuable stuff to them on a consistent basis. In fact, his blog is an extraordinary educational source for bloggers and freelancers worldwide. His excellence as a top blogger as a freelance writer can be ascertained from a big compliment by VentureBeat that is called Copyblogger.comthe Bible of blogging”.

3. Jeff Bullas:

He is considered to be the top online marketing influencer and the world’s best social marketing talent. He is the owner of "Jeffbullas.com". He had been struggling just ten years ago but made blog posts on digital marketing. Now, he being the top blogger has more than 25 million readers and about 600,000 social media followers. Thus, there is a host of achievements at his credit as Analytical listed him as the #1 content marketing influencer in 2015 and 2016.

4. Chelsea Fagan:

Chelsea Fagan, a top blog content writer founded the blog "The Financial Diet", which covers money topics for a young adult audience. She started the Financial Diet in 2014 as a personal blog in order to track the budget. Now, it has developed as a cross-platform media company and the premier digital destination for young women concerning money consultation. The book “I am Only Here for the Wifi” written by Chelsea is a good guide for starting life after finishing school.

5. Kristi Hines (Kikolani):

She is a freelance writer and certified marketing professional. She has written content for more than 50 brands, publications, and businesses. Her freelance content contains brand awareness, creating trust and credibility, generating demand, and building loyalty. Kristi Hines has provided freelance writing services for busy entrepreneurs, small businesses, Saas, and startups. Moreover, she has extensive knowledge of Google ads products, digital marketing, and seamless writing style.

6. Jay Baer:

Jay Baer is an amazing blogger, freelance writer, author of six books, speaker, and digital strategist. His social Pros show was named best Marketing Podcast in the Content Marketing Awards. In fact, he is known for his unique quality that is ideation and creation of content. His most successful work has been the SocialPros.com podcast, Hug your haters, Talk Triggers, and Social Media Strategy in 7 simple steps.

7. Jeff Goin:

Jeff Goin is a top blog content writer and an author of a famous book–“The Art of Work”, including the other five books. His blog is quite helpful containing the valuable techniques and skills of writing. Moreover, his posts provide the necessary knowledge as to how to become a good writer. He adopted a few things for blog writing. He would listen to other bloggers’ advice and connect with other people. He wrote an article about "10 steps for writing a book along with 10 bonus steps".

8. Seth Godin:

Seth Godin’s blog has always been successful because it is weird. His work is phenomenal, counterintuitive, and exciting. He is one of the most talked-about bloggers nowadays. He creates content thereby attracting potential clients and their trust. His blogs are different and interesting based on the notion-“talk about everything but not anything”. His all-time popular posts include Quality and efforts, the world’s worst boss, the elegance of nothing, first ten, the Top 5%, and the conversation, etc. As a matter of fact, he is an inspiration like a personal trainer for the mind and the spirit.

9. John Morrow:

He is a SmartBlogger and has written about finding success with blogging. He created the "SmartBlogger", a step in the evolution of Boost Blog Traffic (BBT). He is the mastermind behind popular blogs. His famous Boost Blog Traffic has exceeded 100,000 email subscribers. John created a following without ever using his real name. Moreover, he has also written some articles on Pro bloggers and Copybloggers.

10. Ben Settle:

Ben Settle is one of the top bloggers and Freelance writers. In fact, he has earned his name writing about email marketing and copywriting. Undoubtedly, Ben Settle has proved with his work that email is not dead. Recently, Ben has written a blog on copywriting and sales letters, Email Marketing, inner game. He has become known for helping business owners worldwide multiply their revenue by means of effective ways, particularly, through his email campaigns.