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Do you know you can earn a 6-figure income as an affiliate per year if you do things correctly? Many newbies come in the business of affiliate marketing and fail in the short-term. Average affiliates only succeed in making around $20,000 a year. However, there are affiliates who think out of the box and become successful in a short period of time by targeting hot niches. Top affiliates are earning a 6-figure income annually these days. Discussed below are stories of successful affiliates who have made a respectable name in affiliate marketing business today as an affiliate marketer: 
matt carter
1.  Matt Carter

Matt Carter—a full-time internet marketing entrepreneur chose Pay Per Click (an internet advertising model), Drop Shipping (a retail method that partners a person with a wholesale supplier), Google AdSense (that allows users to make money online through content), and ClickBank (an online marketing place) at the start of his career, but Matt was unable to make any commission in the first 6 months in the start of his career.

Matt realized one day that many buyers (RABID BUYERS = MATT'S NICHE) take interest in buying physical products online. So, he started to promote physical products on the World Wide Web after signing up on Associates as an affiliate marketer. Matt Carter researched about the buying cycle (start to the end stage of the online buying process) and buying keywords (specific keywords that customers type to buy products) before promoting physical products.

Matt tells young affiliates that end buyers type specific keywords and not general keywords in the buying cycle. He says: "End buyers type Garmin Nuvi 265WT (specific keyword) instead of a GPS Navigation Device (general keyword) to buy exactly what they want to buy". Today, Matt earns substantial revenue by promoting products over the internet.

Matt Carter recommends following things to new affiliate marketers:
  • Entrepreneurs’ websites must have a sales page to attract visitors to a site, and in order to convert them to customers
  • Affiliates who promote physical products online should mention benefits about the products in the promotional headline, and must provide social proof (real customer reviews) about the product to convince customers for online buying
  • Affiliate marketers should also add research-based facts about the physical products that they want to sell
Are you interested now to sell physical products online as an affiliate marketer to earn a huge return for your efforts?



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