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2. John Hostler and Steve Iser

John Hostler and Steve Iser are very successful CPA (Cost Per Action) experts. They easily make 6-figure income a year through CPA networks—advertising platforms that pay affiliates if users perform any action. Steve encourages people to join CPA networks by filling in a live application form with their correct details (including the phone number and email address that they mostly use) that they will find available on the website of a CPA network. He tells people that they will be contacted by an affiliate manager for an interview after this. Steve also tells people that they should not be disappointed if they are rejected by a CPA advertiser, because there are many other CPA networks in the world too. John Hostler and Steve Iser make converts plus profits through a method they call Blitzkrieg Method, which involves a hot offer, preselling page tactics, and targeting of consistent customers.

John and Steve give the following tips to affiliate marketers:
  • Affiliates should target trendy and popular niches like weight loss or beauty products niches if they want to earn good commission
  • Promote a product to buyers through hot offers. For example, offer them a discount or give something of value to them with a dual offer
  • Make the sales page of your website appealing for consistent buyers to make prompt converts 
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