Earn Money as a Writer by Making the Most of 7 Money-Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Becoming a paid writer is not a child’s play, as it requires a lot of effort from the writers who seek ways to earn money through writing. Without letting you wait anymore, let me come to the main point. There are certain ways through which you can earn money by writing. Here are 7 money-making ideas for you to begin earning a good sum of money: 
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  1. Make Good Use of Your Personal Blog: Blogs are platforms that help you establish as a writer by writing pieces of work. You should post blog posts daily or weekly on your blog so that the readers can trust your expertise as a writer. I suggest that you include a link, “hire me” on your blog so that the people interacting with your blog can know that you are a writer for hire.

  2. Make the Most of Guest Post Websites: Today, you can uncover numerous guest posting websites. The good thing is that many guest post websites pay money to the writers, so I suggest you, write pieces of content for such websites and get paid. The Penny Hoarder is one of the many guest post websites that pay writers.

  3. Deploy Alumni Magazines: Many alumni magazines like to hire former students and pay such students as writers. All that you need to do to make the most of alumni magazine is to familiarize yourself with the pieces of information that alumni magazines actually need. STANFORD MAGAZINE is an alumni magazine that pays writers.
  4. Listicle Can Come in Handy: The Top 10 list is appreciated on the internet by the readers. For instance, you can write content about the following topics: Top 10 Wrestlers of All-Time or Top 10 Richest Personalities in the World. Many sites pay the writers for interesting top 10 lists, so you can get paid by writing the listicles. Listverse is a website that pays writers for posting listicles.

  5. Write an eBook: Yes, you can also publish an eBook and get paid. There are numerous websites on the internet where you can sell an eBook. As a writer, you would have expertise in a variety of subjects, so I recommend that you write different eBooks to regularly earn money through writing. Smashwords is a website where you can publish eBooks and get paid.

  6. Sign up on a Content Website: A good number of websites online pay writers for writing pieces of content. All that you need to do is to sign up on such websites and start earning money as a writer. Constant-Content is a website that pays writers for posting pieces of content.

  7. Enter a Writing Contest: Writing contests held every year in the different parts of the world. You can enter in such contests and come up with top-notch write-ups to win the grand prize. Writer’sDigest yearly organizes contests for writers, so you can become a part of such contests as a writer.
These are 7 ideas that you can capitalize on to make money by writing. Many writers have capitalized on these ideas in the past, and today they are recognized in the world as thought-leaders. You can join them if you adhere to the preceding 7 ideas wisely. Last but not least:
Have you Made Your Mind Now to Become a Paid Writer?


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