How Can You Earn Money By Writing In Pakistan?


The Pakistani population's views and behavior towards unconventional careers are evolving now, and due to saturation in the job market, the new generation is trying to get rid of being forced into traditional careers like engineering, business, and medical studies. Pakistanis once believed that nothing good could come out of a writing career, and people who chose to write for a living always struggle. This is certainly not true, and there is a lot of scope for writers in this digitally interconnected world. If you are smart, dedicated, and open to learning new things, you can easily make money by writing, and people are earning a six-figure monthly income through their creative writing skills. Intrigued right? Let's have a look at some ways how you can earn money by writing.

  • Create A Blog:

Long gone are the days when Pakistanis used to write blogs to connect and share their thoughts with users on the internet. Blogging is now a vast industry, and if you want to earn money by writing, this can be your gateway. People in Pakistan are making a handsome amount through their blogs. Creating a blog is simple; you don’t have to be very tech-savvy or a coding expert to start a blog as there are numerous readily available platforms like WordPress, Wix, and BlogSpot where you can create a blog in minutes. This is only the first step, and if you want to make money by writing a blog, your blog must be engaging and attractive enough to get a considerable amount of hits.

Let’s be honest, the blogging industry is quite saturated now, and you need to be the best at what you write to outshine. Selecting the niche of your new blog is crucial. The blog must fit into the market trends, but simultaneously, it must be relevant to your expertise if you are planning to manage the blog all by yourself. If you plan to build a team, you can opt for multiple niches. Blogging requires hard work, and it is not a low hanging fruit. If you want to earn money by writing blogs, you need to be consistent and focus on your craft. Pakistanis are not avid readers, so it’s essential to make the content engaging and give all the authentic information to your readers entertainingly. 

Are you now wondering how you will make money from a blog? The initial days of your blog might not be profitable. Still, when you have built a decent reader base, you can write affiliate marketing articles, use Google AdSense, and write sponsored content for local and international brands/service providers.

  • Write For a Newspaper Outlet:

The rise of the internet has compelled newspaper companies and magazines to create their online presence as well. Most Pakistanis are always reading news and articles on the internet, and buying a newspaper to get information has lost its charm. Many experts believe that newspapers will disappear in the next few decades, and their whole existence will remain only the internet. If you are a journalism/media science student or generally well versed in what’s happening in the country and the world, you can make money by writing for a newspaper outlet. You cannot just jump on the bandwagon because writing for a newspaper outlet requires some basic knowledge about writing for a newspaper agency. Observe where your passion lies and what you can write the best, and then contact a newspaper agency to offer your service as a writer. In the beginning, this might be tiresome to build relationships with the agencies. If your articles get the proper attention, the agency will contact you repeatedly to write for them. This way, you can make money by writing conveniently and potentially create a stable career as a writer.

  • Resume Writing Services:

The lack of focus on business communication courses in non-business degrees is the core reason why most recent graduates are unable to create impressive resumes. Professional CV writing is a skill that is still unexplored, and not many people are providing this service. If you aim to make money by writing and have the skill set of writing an impactful resume, you can begin offering your service. Many companies are hiring full-time Resume writers and editors for a decent monthly salary. This kind of job can be done remotely too. If you want to earn money by writing and do not want to work full time, you can start offering your services on freelance platforms and social media groups. To outshine as a resume writer, you can work on your graphic designing skills to provide comprehensive services for job hunters.

  • Content Writing for Marketing Agencies:

Content writing is a fast-growing field, and digital marketing agencies are always looking for a creative content writer for their marketing campaigns. Content is the soul of every marketing campaign, and if you want to earn money by writing, search for content writer job openings. Mostly your education level doesn’t matter, and if you have excellent writing skills, an agency will hire you regardless of your educational background and qualification. The salary varies and depends on your skills and experience. Either you will be hired at a fixed monthly salary or a pay rate per word would be decided, and you will get paid accordingly. Content writing is an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to make money by writing, loves to write about diverse topics, and doesn’t have a literature background. Good internet searching skills, a basic knowledge of search engine optimization, good grammar skills, and creativity are some of the prerequisites of this field. You can work as a freelance content writer or a full-time in-house one too. This content writing world is full of opportunities if you are willing to put some effort into it.

  • Freelance Writing Services:

Are you planning to earn money by writing but on your terms? The most feasible option is to offer your writing services on freelance platforms. The popularity of freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer is skyrocketing these days, and you can earn big money through these online spaces. These platforms are an excellent medium for connecting people who want to make money by writing with people looking for such people to write for their businesses and services. You can set your own rate for a gig and reach out to people to offer your services. According to your expertise, just carefully select your niche and services. The key to thriving on these platforms is to have a satisfied client base who will give you continuous work and positive reviews. Positive reviews from ex-clients help significantly to enhance your reputation and attract new clients.