There is a huge contrast between understanding the websites for content writing and being able to incorporate blogging as part of the digital strategy for those websites.

As a home-based content creator, you might have a small list of "target" websites for which you would prefer to publish your content, but you don't know how your digital career would result. Or even just may not be sure which websites are up to your standards.

The freelance content writers research for the best blogging sites in the market. The sites which are optimized in today’s standard. Many websites provide hundreds of features but only a few seem to be fruitful both for the freelance content writers and the audience/clients.

If you are delivering extraordinary work and reaching the right sites with it, you should have tremendous opportunities. Many content writers hesitate while selecting a site to work for and often end up choosing the wrong platform. To avoid such mistakes, we have listed 7  key points on ‘What to Look for in a Content Writing Platform as a Home-Based Content Writer’.

1. A Site should Contain a Way of Communication

This feature is a must in every content writing platform. It is beneficial for both freelance content writer and client to develop the relationship of trust and authenticity. It can help a freelancer in taking future projects from the same client.

Take Fiverr, for instance. It enables buyers and sellers to communicate with each other before placing an order. And if the customer has found the right gig that suits his needs, he doesn't have to hurry to press the order button. He can fulfill the criteria in a more precise way by messaging. The freelance content writer, on the other hand, may also enjoy this role by asking something about the order. Via Fiverr’s secure messaging system, you can securely connect and even share files with clients on Fiverr.

2.Option of Negotiations and Bidding Should be Available

Even though negotiating and bidding may not always be preferable, yet it can be very crucial at times when a freelance content writer has not received any order for a long time. For websites, this is a pretty good feature. A writer should take a few moments to think about what budget he is satisfied with before approving any project.

The platforms that deliver such elements are both Upwork and Freelancer.com. It is the same as the process of capitalism in various countries. Therefore, every business wants their goods to be sold, lifting the competition and making the price cheaper for customers.

3.Website Should be Compatible With Smartphones     

As more and more people use their mobile phones to access the internet, writing on the smartphone-optimized website has become a necessity. Everyone wants a quick splash work to be seen with just a few clicks. There would be more traffic on a mobile-optimized website. The first step is to check how the website appears on mobile. If you think that your blog cannot generally be accessed on smartphones, do not opt for working for such websites.

4.Website Should be Fast Loading

For website users, nothing is more irritating than a web page that takes a long time to load. Slow speed, in fact, is one of the primary reasons why visitors exit a website. In recent years, visitors' perception has drastically changed. A typical visitor will wait for your page to load for just a few seconds, after which he or she will most likely navigate away to the site of another platform and will never visit again.

As a home-based content writer, choosing a quick website can be the advantage of seeing your work faster than expected. For good usability, ensuring that your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds is essential. It also impacts the rating of your search engine. To measure the pace of any website, you can use a free program like Pingdom.

5.Option of Sample of Previous Works Should be Available

Showcasing your samples of previous work is another significant thing to consider. There should be detailed information about your past projects. There are many platforms which are offering this element.

One of the best freelance marketplaces to find freelance work is Guru. For new customers to see the type of content you make, you can generate a writer profile and feature your past works. The site also allows you to set your regular rate instantly, making the process of hiring and performance management easier. You can select skills and experience such that your profile appears in searches of companies with your history searching for freelance service providers.

6.A Website Should Have Easy and Authentic Way of Payment

A website cannot be authentic unless both giving and receiving parties are satisfied. Freelance content writers are mostly home-based earners. They need to look for a simple and authentic way of payment.

Fiverr is such an example. You can easily withdraw your Fiverr funds by following the following simple steps.

Just Signup up for a Payoneer account, order its card, attach your Payoneer card to your Fiverr in the ‘Earning Section'. Then, connect your local bank account to your Payoneer account, transfer funds from Fiverr to Payoneer, and transfer funds from Payoneer to your local bank account.

7. A Platform Should Have Verification Standards

Content writing requires a lot of effort to put up a good show. In this regard, verification of the person using the platform is mandatory. Without verification standards, you should not rely on any platform. Several scam sites offer a great pile of money but no verification. Do not hesitate to neglect such platforms. Freelance content writers need to look out for the verification standards of a website.

Flexjobs provides such authenticity. It is a work site that helps home-based content writers to locate potential customers and gigs for writing. The benefit of this platform is that they filter and scan all of the freelance job listings. That means there's no need for you to think about scams or low-paying gigs to use the platform.


Good freelance sites will help you find the job you're looking for, whether you want to make some extra money or turn writing into a full-time career. There is a range of variables that decide whether a website is good for writing content, such as online authority, exposure to traffic, management of portfolios, verification, and safe messaging.

There are also built-in payment processing systems in marketplaces so that you never think about invoicing or losing a payment. Websites with these characteristics are also excellent opportunities for individuals looking to recruit freelancers to get work done.

Writing platforms help connect freelance authors to companies searching for the production of content. These agencies keep your details on file and constantly reach out with new possibilities, ensuring you still know when a new opportunity matches your experience and skills.