Which is the best way to earn money in 2021 through writing?

Admittedly, money is an essential tool in life, and there is a host of ways to earn it using writing. Earning more money can provide you with more choices through writing in 2021. However, it is our capabilities as to which way we can earn seeing the scope thereof. At first, we need to look at the most common and possible ways to make money through writing, and those are mentioned as follows:

·    To write articles for famous Blogs, Journals, and Magazines.

·    Create collateral for content-hungry enterprises or businesses

·    Become a Best-selling author on kindle

·    Present yourself as a conversion-focused copywriter

·    Build a blog on a specific niche and promote third party product

Freelancing, the finest way to earn money in 2021:

People are concerned about finding a freelance writing job due to pandemic covid-19. However, there are still plenty of online writing jobs available for either a seasoned freelance writer or a fresh writer. It is rightly said, "Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work." This means: Success always tends to find those who are prepared for it. Freelancing seems to be the best way to earn money in 2021 through writing skills, considering the pandemic situation worldwide. A freelance job has signified itself an essential job since the outbreak of pandemic covid-19.

What is freelancing?

A freelancing job is one where people work for themselves, rather than for a company. Freelancers are responsible for all sorts of things that traditional employees are not, such as setting their work hours, keeping track of time, billing clients, and making payments to their employees, and taxes.

Pros and cons of freelancing:

As regards the pros and cons, the freelance job is no exception. It has specific pros in addition to cons.

Pros of freelancing:

In a freelance job, you manage your workload, the clients you want to work with, and income comes from them. It provides you with the opportunity of being in the driving seat. Being a freelancer, you determine what jobs to opt for, which clients you want to continue working with, and your pay rate. Moreover, flexibility and remote work are also privileges. Indeed, the freelancer has to complete tasks on time. But they have perks, where and when to work as per convenience.

Cons of freelancing:

With ultimate control, there also comes additional responsibilities. As a matter of fact, as a freelancer, you need to stay on top of taxes, invoices, payments received, finding your health insurance, and buying every piece of software and technology to accomplish your work. Besides, a feast or famine syndrome demonstrates either being crazy-busy with client work or having too few assignments. At times, multiple clients' deadlines collide, and you are in difficulty of being unable to deliver on all of your promises.


Keeping in view the pandemic situation prevalent across the world with severe consequences and unable to do physical work to a greater extent, virtual lifestyles have taken place everywhere. A freelance job is the best way in 2021 to earn money through writing. If you have certain traits such as discipline, persistence, resilience, communication, and organization, you can be a successful freelance writer.