How to Satisfy Your Clients with Freelance Content Writing

Companies are looking to save more money these days to utilize it when the time is right for them. Online business owners, in particular, want to sell their products and services fast to earn a profit from them. However, customers will only buy a product or avail of a service if it offers them any value. Additionally, online businesses need to convince their customers to make a purchase from them. Hence, online businesses hire content writers to help them sell their products/services with freelance content writing and boost their sales.

All freelance writers don’t have the proficiency to satisfy clients and win more jobs. Nonetheless, you can also become an excellent freelance writer if you realize how to. I shall guide you in this post on how to satisfy your clients with freelance writing as a content writer. Additionally, you will learn how to get freelance writing clients after you realize how to manage content writing for clients.

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Essential Steps to Follow to Satisfy Clients with Freelance Content Writing and Win More:-

Without further ado, let us dive into the essential steps of writing as a home-based content writer: 

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Step #1: Understand Your Clients’ Requirements

As a provider of a freelance content writing service, you must understand your client’s requirements first. Give attention to the details that your client provides you with to ensure what the client demands from you. For instance, a client may want you to write 3 high-quality product descriptions of 300 Words in a day. You can write top-notch product descriptions for your client as per the aforementioned requirements, using the following tips:

  • Convince your client’s customers why they should buy his/her products with persuasive writing.
  • Include catchy phrases in your content related to the products you have to write about.
  • Allot the time to manage your task to complete it and submit it on time.

Understanding client’s requirements to write content and delivering it on the dot will make your client happy. Consequently, you will get more work from the same client very likely. It will aid you to build a positive reputation as a freelance content writer, too. The same client may recommend his acquaintances to utilize you for freelance writing if they are looking for a freelancer. Moreover, you will have a better portfolio as a home-based content writer on your website or freelance writing platforms. Thus, how to find clients for content writing requires a better portfolio and satisfying clients from freelancers.

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Step #2: Use the Right Tone

Customers buy products or avail of services online if they can satisfy their needs and offer them something in return. As a freelance writer, you must convince the customers why they should buy your client’s products or utilize his/her services. Thus, you have to utilize a tone that the customers of your client understand and give importance to. Using the right tone is important in freelance content writing to lead customers to make a purchase decision.

You should use an informal (conversational) tone in your content if the target audience of your client includes common individuals. Write content using a formal tone if the target audience of your client embraces professionals. Utilizing the right tone in your content will persuade the customers of your client to purchase his/her products/services. First and foremost, you will satisfy your client. 

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Step 3: Utilize Relevant or Related Keywords Only

Keywords play an important role for search engines to display relevant information to internet users searching for information online. For instance, typing the keyword, ‘home-based content writer’ on a search engine will generate the relevant results. Utilizing the right keywords is important to make search engines count your content. Therefore, you should ensure using keywords with an appropriate density in the content you write for clients. Keywords aid the customers to find information about the relevant products and services online they are after.

Using keywords in content is vital for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because they aid customers with a business awareness. Nevertheless, you should not overuse keywords and use keywords naturally in your content. Moreover, make sure you utilize the relevant keywords (based on research/client’s requirements) in headings and subheadings without exceeding the density. According to SEO experts: The ideal keyword density for writing web content and articles respectively is as follows:

Web Content: 1 to 3 Percent (Weak Competition); 4 to 5 Percent (Strong Competition)

Articles: 2 Percent

The formula to calculate the keyword density is:

Keyword Density: {Number of Times (Keyword Use) * Total Words in a Keyword} / Total Word Count


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Step 4: Start and Finish Writing for Your Client

Knowing the client’s requirements, the right tone, and the relevant keywords are important before you write content for your client. It will aid you to plan your content right from the start to produce top-notch and SEO-friendly content for your client. Sticking to the point and maintaining quality throughout the content is important when you are writing for clients. Including the ‘Table of Content’ and ‘Conclusion’ is a smart writing strategy for writing blogs or guest posts for clients. Review your content two or three times after writing to ensure it is without mistakes/errors and meets the client’s requirements. 

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Step 5: Deliver Content to your Client on Time

Delivering content to clients on time is essential if you want to grow your career as a freelance content writer. Making a timetable can help you write and deliver the required content to your client on time. Moreover, it will portray a positive image of your personality to the client whom you writing for, as a freelancer.

You can make a better reputation as a content writer through freelance content writing on freelance writing platforms. Consequently, you will win more clients and build a network of clients.


You may not know how to find freelance writing clients as an inexpert freelancer to write and earn money. You can also join the list of the top-earning freelance writers if you write content for your client, following 5 steps. Here are 5 essential steps to follow for freelance content writing:

1.      Know your client’s requirements.

2.      Use the right tone.

3.      Utilize relevant or related keywords only.

4.      Start and finish writing for your client.

5.      Deliver content to your client on time.

Following these steps will aid you to write top-notch content to satisfy your client and aid him/her get sales. Lastly, high-quality content writing for clients and a standout profile on freelance writing platforms are your sources to find clients.