I Am Online Writers Guide

I Am Online Writers Guide

Saturday, December 24, 2016


3. Anik Singal

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Anik Singal
—a very successful digital publishing marketer wanted to become a doctor, but he did not like studies. Anik was not liking his biology classes, hence he turned to the internet. He searched the internet with keywords like ‘make money on the internet’ and ‘make money online’, and he landed on an internet marketing forum where he found people who were making 6 figure income from home. Anik realized that people on that forum were good at something, thus Anik improved his skills.

Anik learned about how to write copies, SEO, forum marketing, how to do PPC, and how to create a website. Anik was good at tricking his professors for earning better grades; therefore, Anik thought to write an eBook on it. Anik wrote the eBook and launched it. Anik was unable to make sales from his eBook, because no one bought the eBook. Anik was unable to sell the eBook, because he hadn’t tested the market for it.

Anik did not give up on affiliate marketing after suffering his first loss. Today, Anik earns millions of dollars a year through his online publishing business. Anik says: “If you select a winning type of website, execute a solid traffic plan, and accelerate your conversion effectiveness, then you will get a lucrative return for it.”

Anik recommends three types of affiliate websites to affiliate marketers: (a) Opt-in Site (because it provides value to visitors), (b) Blog Site (because it attracts the myriad of visitors to a site), and (c) Review Site (because it helps visitors decide whether or not to buy a particular product)

Anik tells following things to affiliate marketers:
  • Always test the market to let the market tell you whether there is a need for your product in the market
  • Successful affiliates are networked and support when you launch a product
  • No competition is bad and great is spectacular

Which type of website will you like to have for your affiliate marketing business?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


 successful affiliate marketer, successful affiliate, world's best affiliates

2. John Hostler and Steve Iser

John Hostler and Steve Iser are very successful CPA (Cost Per Action) experts. They easily make 6-figure income a year through CPA networks—advertising platforms that pay affiliates if users perform any action. Steve encourages people to join CPA networks by filling in a live application form with their correct details (including the phone number and email address that they mostly use) that they will find available on the website of a CPA network. He tells people that they will be contacted by an affiliate manager for an interview after this. Steve also tells people that they should not be disappointed if they are rejected by a CPA advertiser, because there are many other CPA networks in the world too. John Hostler and Steve Iser make converts plus profits through a method they call Blitzkrieg Method, which involves a hot offer, preselling page tactics, and targeting of consistent customers.

John and Steve give the following tips to affiliate marketers:
  • Affiliates should target trendy and popular niches like weight loss or beauty products niches if they want to earn good commission
  • Promote a product to buyers through hot offers. For example, offer them a discount or give something of value to them with a dual offer
  • Make the sales page of your website appealing for consistent buyers to make prompt converts 
Will you join any CPA network now? 


Saturday, October 15, 2016


successful affiliate marketer, successful affiliate, world's best affiliates

Do you know you can earn a 6-figure income as an affiliate per year if you do things correctly? Many newbies come in the business of affiliate marketing and fail in the short-term. Average affiliates only succeed in making around $20,000 a year. However, there are affiliates who think out of the box and become successful in a short period of time by targeting hot niches. Top affiliates are earning a 6-figure income annually these days. Discussed below are stories of successful affiliates who have made a respectable name in affiliate marketing business today as an affiliate marketer: 
matt carter
1.  Matt Carter

Matt Carter—a full-time internet marketing entrepreneur chose Pay Per Click (an internet advertising model), Drop Shipping (a retail method that partners a person with a wholesale supplier), Google AdSense (that allows users to make money online through content), and ClickBank (an online marketing place) at the start of his career, but Matt was unable to make any commission in the first 6 months in the start of his career.

Matt realized one day that many buyers (RABID BUYERS = MATT'S NICHE) take interest in buying physical products online. So, he started to promote physical products on the World Wide Web after signing up on Amazon.com Associates as an affiliate marketer. Matt Carter researched about the buying cycle (start to the end stage of the online buying process) and buying keywords (specific keywords that customers type to buy products) before promoting physical products.

Matt tells young affiliates that end buyers type specific keywords and not general keywords in the buying cycle. He says: "End buyers type Garmin Nuvi 265WT (specific keyword) instead of a GPS Navigation Device (general keyword) to buy exactly what they want to buy". Today, Matt earns substantial revenue by promoting products over the internet.

Matt Carter recommends following things to new affiliate marketers:
  • Entrepreneurs’ websites must have a sales page to attract visitors to a site, and in order to convert them to customers
  • Affiliates who promote physical products online should mention benefits about the products in the promotional headline, and must provide social proof (real customer reviews) about the product to convince customers for online buying
  • Affiliate marketers should also add research-based facts about the physical products that they want to sell
Are you interested now to sell physical products online as an affiliate marketer to earn a huge return for your efforts?


Friday, August 12, 2016

What Do You Need to Do to Make Money Online Through Writing?

A person who starts writing content think of ways of making money online and come across the following questions:

Q1. Which will be the best resource for me to make money online through writing?
Q2. What should I write about to attract readers towards my writing platform?
Q3. How can I find the right readers (my target audience)?
Q4. What should I do to engage readers with my writing platform?
Q5. In how many ways can I earn a good sum of money online?

Bloggers succeeding in answering the preceding questions successfully have made a lot of money and earned a high return for their efforts. Today, top bloggers are earning $100,000 per month and you will also be included in the list of top bloggers if you follow the following 5 simple steps (steps that will answer the preceding questions one by one) correctly:  

blogger vs wordpress, blogger and wordpress only, blogger or wordpress
Blogging Platforms

Step 1: “The Best Resource Is a Blogging Platform”
People interested in making money online through writing will need a resource to start writing. The best writing resource for a writer is a blogging platform. “WordPress” and “Blogger” are the most popular blogging platforms to blog for money online. You should own the “WordPress” or “Blogger” website, and for doing this, you will need a custom domain name and web hosting space.

You will have to choose and register a custom domain name for a year or two (you will also need to pay for the renewal of the domain name once the registration time period expires). You will also pay for an amount of web hosting space per month with yearly contracts for storing your files. Names of a few domain name registrars and web hosting companies are Namecheap, GoDaddy, and 1&1.

*A good custom domain name is one that is short, memorable, without hyphens, and relevant to a website.
*A good web host is one that has a web host uptime not less than 99.5%, allows adding multiple domains, offers refunds for not providing the desired value, and has an easy-to-use hosting control panel.       

writer, thinking writer
A Thinking Writer

Step 2: “Write What Readers Want to Read”
You will not only be writing to make money online but also for readers landing on your blog searching for the topic of their interests. The interesting and original information can mesmerize readers. It does not mean you should adopt only persuasive and explanatory styles for writing. Readers may be interested in reading a funny story, biography, controversial topic, and so on. In-Depth internet research can help you find out what readers exactly want to read.  

target audience, who is my target audience, where is my target audience
Identifying the Target Audience

Step 3: “Content-Type and Keywords Determine the Target Audience”
This is an important step.  If you do not follow this step correctly, you will ruin your dream of making a large sum of money online through writing. Content-type will determine your target audience. For example, if you are writing about fashion trends, your target audience will be the readers who follow fashion. Typing content keywords online will land you towards the relevant and popular blogs where you can leave comments with a link to your site, create relevant guest posts (if the website permits guest post creation) with a backlink to your website, and answer readers’ questions (if they have asked) with the reference to your written post if it’s relevant to their queries.       

reader and writer, the right reader, an authentic writer
Female Reader | Male Writer
Step 4: “Relentlessly Respond, Offer Something of Value, and Engage Readers”
If you see the target audience (the right readers) are coming to your website and commenting on your written posts, you should respond to their comments. If readers have queries for you, you should answer their queries intelligently to win their trust. You should offer something new and interesting to readers in your content to build engagement of readers with your written posts. Practically speaking: responding to readers, inspiring readers, and answering readers’ questions develop a good relationship between readers and writers.

ways to earn money online by writing, writing to earn money
Online Writing Opportunities
for Money

Step 5: “A Variety of Ways to Earn Money Online”
Writing can help you make money in many ways. If readers regularly visit your website and like your posts, you can sign up for Google AdSense Program (That Allows People to Place a Relevant Ad on Their Websites after Signing up For Free) and earn money. Signing up on affiliate networks and promoting affiliate products through links, reviews, and promotional content can also help you win a large sum of money. Amazon.com Associates, ClickBank, and Rakuten LinkShare are world-famous affiliate networks. You can also write useful eBooks and sell your eBooks on your website through promotion.  

   Have You Made Your Mind Now to Make Money Online by Writing?