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Top 5 Perfect Strategies for Money Blogging

Most people confuse blogging with spamming and posting blogs with no income. But in fact, it is another way around. Money blogging is much more than a hobby. Think again if you consider it a hobby. Blogging is not an easy thing to do, but those who want to do it, do it without any complaint. Money blogging requires enough patience and dedication to building traffic.   1)     Think Business: The first and foremost thing the bloggers make is not clearing their intentions about what they want. Bloggers are unable to choose if they wish to a public diary or just a blog posting job. The real mistake was, you were not treating your blog like a business. If you want to earn, treat your blog like a business. In business, you invest proper resources, and in the case of blogs, you need the same mindset. Publish content daily; have a plan for marketing and multiple income sources.   2)     Set Goals: Bloggers lack focus and can no longer keep track of their goals. Well, it is en