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I Am Online Writers Guide

Wednesday, April 28, 2021





Businesses are often seen as publishing amateurish work. This is largely because, rather than concentrating on quality material, they prioritize getting the job done. Making errors in your online content will cost you, clients. Hiring proofreaders is a smart way to prevent errors that go unnoticed by your untrained eyes.

 Proofreading is more than just looking for apparent mistakes, typos, and errors. Proofreading services will help you grow your company while also saving you time and money. Here are some of the most important reasons why an online business needs a proofreader:


1) Formal Appearance:

Proofreaders will give you an upper hand on what you should write for your business. Their expert eye for material will make it look more formal when necessary and more informal when required.

Any content's first draft is never good enough. Proofreaders will not only spot errors in these drafts, but they will also make recommendations for changes that need to be made to make the content more topic centric.

They will study others thoroughly to give you an advantage over them. Your material is a reflection of the work you do for them, and errors such as spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors will leave them disappointed. You can lose clients and resources as a result of this. These will be corrected by a proofreader.

2) Detecting Grammatical Mistakes:

 As previously stated, mistakes will cost you money and customers, so proofreading all professional messages exchanged with employees or customers is recommended. Proofreaders have a sharp eye for errors, and it takes them very little time to spot grammatical errors that you might overlook. They use a range of models and pay close attention to the finer points. Avoiding these would ensure that your professionalism is seen as one of your core assets by audiences, consumers, and clients.

3) Spend Less:

You can save money by not slaving over a paper while proofreading it and instead focusing on more relevant tasks. Since proofreaders are being paid to work on your piece, they will concentrate on making it more TG-friendly. A properly proofread document's improved professional presence lets you make more money because it not only engages but also builds confidence in your audience.

 4) Understanding Of Urgency:

Proofreaders can complete the work competently and efficiently because it is their only and primary task. They concentrate on snatching up as much work as possible and delivering on schedule. Corrections are made such that they are ready to use and that no further modifications to the material are needed.


5) Integrity:

Proofreaders help your content development in depth by removing all mistakes and making recommendations for what is best for your target audience. If your content contains the fewest errors and attracts the attention of its target audience, you will undoubtedly gain more credibility through online sharing, word of mouth, and other means. The more you're listed, the better.



The advantage of outsourcing or hiring a proofreading service is that you can concentrate on your core duties and activities without sacrificing skilled content quality. This saves you time and resources while also allowing you to expand your client base, audience, and employers.


Thursday, April 1, 2021



A job proposal is the first step toward seeking jobs or even a new profession. It will assist any job applicant in demonstrating to employers his or her expertise, talents, and applicable experience. This is how you can introduce yourself and prove why you are a good choice for a particular role.


If you're a freelance writer, the question of how to write a job proposal might be on your mind. It doesn't matter whether you're just starting as a freelancer or whether you've already established yourself as a top performer; an impressive job proposal can help you win jobs

If you want to win jobs to earn money, you'll need a well-written job proposal.

What is the point at which a text begins? You should be aware of the components that will make up your message strong in terms of structure. However, keep in mind that you will be selling yourself with the aid of a proposal, so use the sales proposal format.


A Few Parts Of The Proposal

If you're getting ready to write your proposal, you may be wondering what it is about and what to include. Essentially, a proposal demonstrates that you understand the needs of a potential client, illustrates your practical expertise, and lays out your strategy. The details of what you should include can differ by sector, but here's a general idea of what to include:


1.An Overview Of The Proposal Project

It is where you show that you understand the client's demand and offer a solution.


2.An Estimation Of The Cost

When it comes to money, no one likes changes, hence, be as precise as possible. Include your rates (hourly or otherwise) while remembering that the actual price can change. If you're bidding on anything like an interior design project, do not project an exact cost before your client fleshes out the work details.


3.Processes And Timelines Are Broken Down

“When will this be finished?” is a question that every client will ask. For each mission, include a comprehensive project description and a rough timeline.


4.Payment And Conditions

You'll probably go into more detail about this in a contract, but make sure to include any provisions (such as how many changes are needed, etc.) and payment details (such as when the money is due), so your potential clients know exactly what to expect.


5.Signatures As Well As Contact Details

Do not forget to add signature lines so that you and your client can approve the proposal's terms and let your prospective clients know how to reach you. Sending the request digitally and allowing prospective clients to consent to electronic signatures is a good idea. It will speed up the process and will provide you with a strategic edge.



Proceed with simple components to present more about yourself when you have finished with your job proposal outline as a freelance writer.


Here Are Six Of Them


1.Know That This Is Not About You Completely

If you're one of the 35% of American freelance writers who choose to work for themselves, you probably have some skills, such as writing skills, or at least enough to feel comfortable that you can go alone and succeed. Those exceptional abilities are, without a doubt, your bread and butter, and prospective clients should be aware of them.

When you sit down to write your proposal, consider the future client first. Instead of concentrating on all of the options in your toolbox right away, concentrate on the client's dilemma and what will relate to them.

Make sure you know exactly know what the clients are searching for by doing some analysis. Examine the company's website and employee list, as well as client’s rivals. You'll know how to introduce yourself and your services in your proposal if you know the company, competitive environment, and what skill sets client’s team members already have. After that, you'll be able to make some points in your proposal that prove you have done your homework.


2. Demonstrate Your Abilities

Although it is important to show that you understand the clients and their dilemma, you should introduce yourself to them accordingly. Make sure to sell your skills in the introduction.

It's appealing to show potential clients everything you can offer, but in the end, they're just interested in what's important to them. Examine Reports or job descriptions you have and make sure to highlight any related abilities, experience, and/or degrees you have.


The information you gathered while researching the client will assist you in deciding which expertise and skills to highlight.


3.Show Your Concern

It's important to demonstrate not only that you can do the job, but that you want to do it. If you're a freelance writer, for example, address certain points you'll use in your work or provide a rough overview of the blog post you'd like to write for your client in a style that fits theirs. You don't have to do the project for free, but you can prove that you've given it some thought. This will prove that you have the requisite skills and are a self-starter.



4. Make Your Proposal Appealing

Nobody enjoys reading dull material, and the world is full of skimmers. In your freelance proposal, you have a lot to say, but try to keep it short and interesting. Subheadings, bulleted lists, photos, and other visual resources will assist in the comprehension of the details in your proposal


Remember that even the most well-written and effective proposals will benefit from a formal presentation. Make sure yours is consistent with your brand's logo, colors, and other elements. Make sure it's well-organized, clean of spelling and grammatical mistakes, and well-presented.



5.Make Use Of Proposal Software

Proposal writing can be significantly assisted by the use of special methods. Many proposal tools can be used. Learning those tools, however, will require some practice, but it will pay off in the long run by allowing you to win multiple freelance writing projects.


6.Select Fully Prepared Templates

This is the simplest method. Simply look for a prototype that suits your needs and download it. The template already has material that is popular in proposal writing. Using a prototype is a perfect way to learn the most popular structure and content while still saving you a lot of time.



From the last decade, the systematics of the world has significantly changed. Modern techniques are needed to stay in the competition. Above mentioned techniques will win you more and more projects and opportunities in the field of freelance writing. As the whole world is in the process of complete digitalization, you should also give it a go and excel in this field.