When and How to Make Money by Blogging?

increase blog traffic

It is not a coincidence that most popular blogs are the ones that receive more traffic than other blogs. In order to increase readership on your blog, you need to pick a topic that you love, and visitors to your blog are interested in it too. You should choose a general topic like “Health and Fitness” over a specific topic like “Body Building” to attract more people to your blog.

social media

How Will You Help People to Find Your Blog?
You should share your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help people find your blog. You should also post relevant comments on other blog sites with the backlink to your blog site to help more people find your blog. You should post regularly to keep traffic coming to your site relentlessly.

how to make money by blogging

When and How to Start Blogging for Money?
If you get substantial traffic to your site, then you can start thinking about make money by blogging. Following are 3 tips that will help you make money through your blog:

1.      Sign up for Google AdSense and make money by placing relevant Google ads on your website.
2.      Partner with any affiliate business program and promote its product or service through a link to get paid.

3.      Sell something that you have created like eBook on your blog site to earn money for it.

When are you going to monetize your blog?