5 Authentic Sites That Pay Writers High Income for Writing Content

Are you a writer who always looks for opportunities to make money? As a writer, you can make lots of money. There are thousands of the site on the internet today that pay writers a high amount of money for writing content. Here are 5 of those websites that can help you earn a good amount of money:

cooking detective, cooking

             1. Cooking Detective
Cooking Detective (CD) is a culinary, recipe, and nourishment blog that publishes educational articles, valuable tips, how-to guides, expert interviews, and product reviews dedicated to cooking, cooking courses, cooking products, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, entertaining menus, and fitness guides. The article written for CD has to be original, useful, easy to understand, and of high quality. The site pays writers $120-$160 for ultimate guide and $75 for articles that are greater than 2000 words. CD pay writers using PayPal and Skrill.

funds for writers, funds

             2. Funds for Writers
Funds for Writers is an online resource for writers. The site, Funds for Writers focuses on markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs. The site requires articles on ideas on breaking into a specific market, pointers on winning contests, unique ways to develop an income, profitable business practices, seasonal material, grant success, non-profit partnerships, unique markets, unusual writing ideas, and a dash of humour. Funds for Writers pay $50 to writers for 500 to 600 words article and $15 for reprints. The site pays the writer through PayPal.

the dollar stretcher, dollar, one hundred dollars

             3. The Dollar Stretcher
The Dollar Stretcher (TDS) is all about time and money. TDS has been showing thousands of readers how to get the most for their dollars and their time since 1996. TDS requires in-depth articles with practical ideas that people can employ to help them increase their dollars. The site also accepts guest posts where the authors do not want links back to their sites or books. TDS is interested in articles up to 800 words in length and pay $0.10 per published word. Payment is made approximately to authors two weeks after acceptance of the content. The site pays authors either through PayPal or Cheque.

back to college, college

             4. Back to College
Back to College, the news and educational resource for adult re-entry student pursuing professional development or an advanced degree addresses issues of importance to the older student including obtaining financial aid, on-campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate schools, and attaining academic excellence. Back to College appreciates articles on career management and successful transition. The site takes 30 to 90 days to notify of article acceptance. The sits pay $55+ for an original article of 1000 to 1500 words in length and $27.50 for reprints. The payment to the author is either made through PayPal or Cheque 30 days after the publication of an article or reprint.

cultures and cuisines

             5. Cultures and Cuisines
Cultures and Cuisines is a website about food and travel. The site value writers who can come up with informed, intelligent, and well-written narratives about the places; both literal and imaginary, where food and travel meet. The site welcomes write-ups by authors in first person and third person that can be of 800 to 3000 words in length. Rates are set at $200 per article by Cultures and Cuisines, and the site has multiple monetization streams in place for writers.

If you know about more authentic websites that pay writers high income, then please do share the pieces of information.