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I Am Online Writers Guide

Tuesday, December 29, 2020



The era of the internet has modified so many things in our world. As purchasers, mail letters have been replaced with e-mails. We prefer Skype instead of wasting our wallets to pay for long-distance phone calls. And we shop on Amazon rather than fighting for a parking space and coping with the crowds at the local shopping center. At the flip facet of that, as internet marketers, we use e-mail to market our services and products, Skype for official meetings, and earn a  profit through platforms like Amazon. And that is only a small taste of all of the disruptions we enjoy with the internet


What Do the Huge Publishing Houses Do?


Certainly, one of the biggest industries and one of those that offers brilliant direction to a solid making money online assignment for an entrepreneur is e-book publishing. Especially, publishing and promoting ebooks online. You must have noticed what the huge publishing houses do with large places of work of editors, authors, and executive personnel with giant printing presses, and then division centers to actually deliver their books to retail bookstores around the region. All to deliver the books to the arms of customers at the right prices. You could do it on the PC (Personal Computer) you have got right now.


The Digital Age Is All about eBooks:-

You won’t behandling printed books anymore with eBooks publishing within your reach. Let us get rid of the cost and hassle of augmenting books, storing them, and turning in them — and that might even not get sold. It is going to be a digital age with ebooks, which can be read on devices like Amazon’s Kindle, tablet, or cellphoneor maybe on a computer. Well, the e-book is the short term for "electronic book," and makes use of either a laptopmobile device, or e-book reader to show lengthy-form texts in e-book shape. E-books have multiple virtual "pages" that human beings can navigate through, and are often packaged as a PDF (Portable Document Format) report with a purpose to effortlessly be sent from one person to every other.



Thinking about Writing an eBook:-


Ebooks will change people's lives. If you need a steady flow of side earnings or are prepared to take the first major step as a creator in your life, developing an e-book is a great place to start. Many writers understand it but have not managed to start working on their own e-book. Maybe you are one of them; you are not sure where to start now, or you are confused about how to manage the time.


Stages of eBook Writing

 To make a good income through e-book writing, you first need to be able to know the nuts and bolts of writing an e-book. The following step by step stages will assist you to implement great ideas. Every single stage that you would actually need to go through if you are going to not just throw something together but actually create a really profitable product like an e-book. So give a kick start to yourself and make e-earning.


1.      Planning

The first tip is the planning stage. This is mandatory, you will have to think about the outcome that how your e-book is going to be able to attain for the community; Is it relating to being just purely for leisure basis? Is it going to render some type of outcome for the folks? Is it going to teach people something?  Whatever your subject matter is, your area of expertise, and passion, is to start brainstorming ideas and outcomes that you want people (the purchasers of that e-book) to be able to achieve. You must know this before proceeding because you will find yourself probably going off on a tangent and getting really lost in your own work if you don't know exactly where you are heading with what you create. Therefore, if you're confused about the product, so will be consumers and there will be no testimonials; there will be no reviews, no-one will continue to purchase it.

Also within the planning stage, you should have a strategy on what things you will cover in this book, what would be the theme of it, whether you want to make it in chapters, sections, or phases.


2.       Write an Outline First

One of the simplest approaches to make writing simpler is to have a clear outline before you begin. In any other case, it is easy to get multiple chapters into your e-book. Your outline should encompass a title for every chapter. Don’t spend too long thinking about the exact wording at this level. It is typically better to have 15 short chapters as compared to 5 lengthy ones. if your ebook deals with an extensive subject matter, it may also be suitable to also split it into three to 5 distinct parts.


3.      Write in Your Area of Expertise

A few subjects may sound like remarkable opportunities due to the fact you recognize there is a huge market obtainable. But do not decide to put in writing a “good habits e-book” or “how to earn money ebook” (or any other kind of ebook) simply due to the fact you observed it will make cash. You can discover that the market is saturated, and only big names are currently selling well.

Rather, select a topic that you know plenty about and also you’ll experience writing about. This saves you from doing a lot of research just to get up to speed, and it extensively increases the chance to see your e-book through to a final draft.


4.      Take a glance at what topics you read the most

In the case you’re now not certain what your expert subjects are, take a look at your magazine subscriptions or the blogs that you go to frequently. these should give you some clues. Once you have settled on a topic, dig deeper into these resources. You will probably discover positive articles, crop up again and again; those suggest perennially popular subjects, and the central concept they cover may be a superb topic for an ebook.


5.      Do Research and Allocate a Set Amount of Time for it

Do research as you write your e-book. No matter how good you know your topic is, you will need to do a little research, even though that is just to check records and a few extra nuggets of exciting statistics for your readers. Do some conversations with your friends and tell them about the theme of your e-book. Ask them if they were your customers, at what price they would have purchased your e-book.  By applying this tip, you will be able to have a complete idea of how you should proceed further, which are your areas of improvement.

Many writers discover it’s easy to get stuck at the research level, collecting an increasing number of articles and sources, thumbing through books, again and again, jotting down notable rates, data, and references. Avoid this, by giving yourself a restricted amount of time for research. That might mean setting apart, for instance, 1.5 weeks purely for research before you begin writing, or learning for a certain period of time as you come to every new chapter of your ebook.


6.      Study books/e-books on the Same Subject Matter

This may sound apparent, however, a few writers are overly reliant on ‘weblog’ posts and articles, and don’t necessarily turn to read books or e-books. Whatever your subject matter is, it is in all likelihood you will be capable of discovering some similar books and ebooks. If you could, you may need to remember whether it’s too difficult to understand to focus on. You won’t need to study each word of each ebook you pick; as a substitute, use the desk of contents or index that will help you discover the elements most applicable to you. These can also assist to throw up extra thoughts on components of the subject you won't have taken into consideration yet.


7.      Develop Your e-book Through Canva

This tip is actually for the developmental stage of the product. The most preferred way to create an e-book is through ‘Canva’. It is actually a free graphic designing company that you can utilize. You can create a broad spectrum of various representations. Canva possesses several templates that can be used free of cost. You can adjust them to be your own masterpiece; you can even create PDF files in there. Canva is a really good platform to work on, especially for a person who is an amateur in this field.


8.      Ask Your Close Friends for Proofreading

Last but not least, make a copy of your e-book and send it to your close friends. Ask them to proofread your piece of writing. It is basically an integral part of all the processes which you have gone through. Because after this stage, you will be able to get feedback about your writing. You will be able to assess whether your writing easily understandable to the audience or not.


How to Earn a Handsome Amount of Money Through e-book Writing?

 Now, after all the stages are completed, your piece of writing is probably ready to get yourself a boost in the writing industry. Well, now you should know the answers to the market dynamics of ebook writing, how to sell your work, and how to earn a handsome amount of money through e-book writing. So for that purpose, below are three ways to get yourself going:


·        As you do have some options available for the sale of your works. You should create a website of your own and start selling your e-book online. For instance, you can create a PDF accessible to your viewers. A clear shopping trolley or PayPal connect and you are all sorted. Your site can be visited by a reader, they may purchase, and they may get a download link and get your e-ook. It's very much already programmed, and to ensure the website is running smoothly, you should simply monitor the situation. The advantage of this is that you monitor the whole process, have all the consumer data (so that you can sell quality products, such as ebooks), and then you can make more profits. You might find this shocking, but several ebooks sold directly on a website are traded for $40 or even more.  Again it is twice what a conventional print book would sell for, particularly when it is on an organizational structure.


·     One of the easiest ways of selling ebooks is to partner with a third-party website like Amazon. You may have bought things over the years, also books from Amazon. But for this major e-commerce website, this is an altogether separate feature. Although they charge you a price for your orders, their versatility is the key benefit of working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It has been said that about 300 million people around the world are active readers of ebooks. That's your target market, all those people who come and browse for a new book on this website. By doing a search for a similar keyword, it could be your product that they seek. In fact, 38% of regular ebook sales on Amazon go to self-published titles. Although you might not earn as much profit as you can sell directly on your own platform, you will have the chance to meet an audience that you'd never have exposure to otherwise. The method for selling your Kindle ebook is simple. You subscribe, then upload your ebook. They make sure that it is translated into their markup language. Then, via Amazon.com, you are ready to sell and increase your sales. Put one (or two) of your books on Amazon and consider that as a means of traffic—a route for new customers to reach you; and from the sales of the ebook you get to make money online through writing. Use your Amazon e-books to drive individuals back to your website and have them on your email list.


·     The simplest way of doing this is to have a free bonus offer inside your e-book and make potential customers go back to your website to collect their rewards. They have to take the easy way and send you their email addresses to get access to the reward. When you have them on your email list, at a higher price point, you can follow up with them and sell them additional e-books from your own platform making the most from the best of the two worlds.



So now you can comprehend why selling e-books can be a huge revenue generator. It is time for you to get started. Find out which kind of ebooks you would like to sell, where you are supposed to get the stuff, and then where you are going to sell it and market it online. It is an opportunity for a limited, low-risk market but has significant growth!


Monday, December 21, 2020

5 Guest Posting Sites That Pay Writers Well



There had been a period when writers often used to try to reach both ends. There had been even those of us who believed that guest posting is extinct in the content marketing community (in the same way they said that SEO is outlawed). But today, those myths are proving to be wrong. I can tell you that guest blogging is alive here in 2020 and will possibly stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Guest posting is arguably the most significant way to write content, especially for students and for people who are new in this field. Almost all guest posting sites allow you to link your portfolio so that you can promote your own site as well. Today, modern guest posting is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to easily rank your content on Google. You can use your writing skills in today's era of the internet not just for a living, but some pretty good income from credible websites also.

So, here is an inclusive list of 5 Guest Posting Sites That Pay Writers Well. The list varies from lifestyle websites, freelancing websites,  and even parenting blogs.


5. eCommerce insiders

As the title implies, E-Commerce Insiders is an online information hub for all topics related to E-Commerce. They invite E-Commerce specialists to submit articles that are retail-focused and informative or about ecommerce insights.

The pay is $75 to $150 per article depending on the length of the chunk.


4. Rabble.ca

In Canada, Rabble.ca is the fastest growing website for progressive news. It welcomes pictures of stories from progressive activists from all over the world. Rabble favors the latest news or less favors the long-form articles.

The pay is $0.10 per word, up to $100 for professional pieces.


3. The Travel Writer's Life

Possessed by Great Escapes Publishing, the site features stories and guidance to help those who have made a business out of their solo travel.

Particularly, they tempt those skilled in travel photography, the import-export business, or running tours to contribute.

Their pay is $50-$75 for website requested articles and $150 to $200 for printable advice articles.


2. Smart Business Trends

This site reflects on the new trends in online marketing, so if you have encountered Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), social media marketing, letter for email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or something relevant, then this would be your guest blogging platform.

They don’t state immediately when they pay for guest blogs, but they do reflect that they also approve high-quality tutorials case studies and product reviews for which they offer between $100 and $200.


1.    Cracked

They recommend writing for this influential humor website if you have a neck for tickling the funny bones of people. This platform is especially renowned because of its list posts, but they post content in different forms.

They pay $100 each for a full characteristic article. They will consider paying you $200 for each article if you have published four articles with them. They also give a $50 reward if your article is among the 10 most prominent articles of the month.


Friday, December 4, 2020

How Can You Earn Money By Writing In Pakistan?


The Pakistani population's views and behavior towards unconventional careers are evolving now, and due to saturation in the job market, the new generation is trying to get rid of being forced into traditional careers like engineering, business, and medical studies. Pakistanis once believed that nothing good could come out of a writing career, and people who chose to write for a living always struggle. This is certainly not true, and there is a lot of scope for writers in this digitally interconnected world. If you are smart, dedicated, and open to learning new things, you can easily make money by writing, and people are earning a six-figure monthly income through their creative writing skills. Intrigued right? Let's have a look at some ways how you can earn money by writing.

  • Create A Blog:

Long gone are the days when Pakistanis used to write blogs to connect and share their thoughts with users on the internet. Blogging is now a vast industry, and if you want to earn money by writing, this can be your gateway. People in Pakistan are making a handsome amount through their blogs. Creating a blog is simple; you don’t have to be very tech-savvy or a coding expert to start a blog as there are numerous readily available platforms like WordPress, Wix, and BlogSpot where you can create a blog in minutes. This is only the first step, and if you want to make money by writing a blog, your blog must be engaging and attractive enough to get a considerable amount of hits.

Let’s be honest, the blogging industry is quite saturated now, and you need to be the best at what you write to outshine. Selecting the niche of your new blog is crucial. The blog must fit into the market trends, but simultaneously, it must be relevant to your expertise if you are planning to manage the blog all by yourself. If you plan to build a team, you can opt for multiple niches. Blogging requires hard work, and it is not a low hanging fruit. If you want to earn money by writing blogs, you need to be consistent and focus on your craft. Pakistanis are not avid readers, so it’s essential to make the content engaging and give all the authentic information to your readers entertainingly. 

Are you now wondering how you will make money from a blog? The initial days of your blog might not be profitable. Still, when you have built a decent reader base, you can write affiliate marketing articles, use Google AdSense, and write sponsored content for local and international brands/service providers.

  • Write For a Newspaper Outlet:

The rise of the internet has compelled newspaper companies and magazines to create their online presence as well. Most Pakistanis are always reading news and articles on the internet, and buying a newspaper to get information has lost its charm. Many experts believe that newspapers will disappear in the next few decades, and their whole existence will remain only the internet. If you are a journalism/media science student or generally well versed in what’s happening in the country and the world, you can make money by writing for a newspaper outlet. You cannot just jump on the bandwagon because writing for a newspaper outlet requires some basic knowledge about writing for a newspaper agency. Observe where your passion lies and what you can write the best, and then contact a newspaper agency to offer your service as a writer. In the beginning, this might be tiresome to build relationships with the agencies. If your articles get the proper attention, the agency will contact you repeatedly to write for them. This way, you can make money by writing conveniently and potentially create a stable career as a writer.

  • Resume Writing Services:

The lack of focus on business communication courses in non-business degrees is the core reason why most recent graduates are unable to create impressive resumes. Professional CV writing is a skill that is still unexplored, and not many people are providing this service. If you aim to make money by writing and have the skill set of writing an impactful resume, you can begin offering your service. Many companies are hiring full-time Resume writers and editors for a decent monthly salary. This kind of job can be done remotely too. If you want to earn money by writing and do not want to work full time, you can start offering your services on freelance platforms and social media groups. To outshine as a resume writer, you can work on your graphic designing skills to provide comprehensive services for job hunters.

  • Content Writing for Marketing Agencies:

Content writing is a fast-growing field, and digital marketing agencies are always looking for a creative content writer for their marketing campaigns. Content is the soul of every marketing campaign, and if you want to earn money by writing, search for content writer job openings. Mostly your education level doesn’t matter, and if you have excellent writing skills, an agency will hire you regardless of your educational background and qualification. The salary varies and depends on your skills and experience. Either you will be hired at a fixed monthly salary or a pay rate per word would be decided, and you will get paid accordingly. Content writing is an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to make money by writing, loves to write about diverse topics, and doesn’t have a literature background. Good internet searching skills, a basic knowledge of search engine optimization, good grammar skills, and creativity are some of the prerequisites of this field. You can work as a freelance content writer or a full-time in-house one too. This content writing world is full of opportunities if you are willing to put some effort into it.

  • Freelance Writing Services:

Are you planning to earn money by writing but on your terms? The most feasible option is to offer your writing services on freelance platforms. The popularity of freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer is skyrocketing these days, and you can earn big money through these online spaces. These platforms are an excellent medium for connecting people who want to make money by writing with people looking for such people to write for their businesses and services. You can set your own rate for a gig and reach out to people to offer your services. According to your expertise, just carefully select your niche and services. The key to thriving on these platforms is to have a satisfied client base who will give you continuous work and positive reviews. Positive reviews from ex-clients help significantly to enhance your reputation and attract new clients.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Top 5 Perfect Strategies for Money Blogging

Most people confuse blogging with spamming and posting blogs with no income. But in fact, it is another way around. Money blogging is much more than a hobby. Think again if you consider it a hobby. Blogging is not an easy thing to do, but those who want to do it, do it without any complaint. Money blogging requires enough patience and dedication to building traffic.


1)    Think Business:

The first and foremost thing the bloggers make is not clearing their intentions about what they want. Bloggers are unable to choose if they wish to a public diary or just a blog posting job.

The real mistake was, you were not treating your blog like a business. If you want to earn, treat your blog like a business. In business, you invest proper resources, and in the case of blogs, you need the same mindset.

Publish content daily; have a plan for marketing and multiple income sources.


2)    Set Goals:

Bloggers lack focus and can no longer keep track of their goals. Well, it is entirely normal as the initial stage is very time taking, and young bloggers want a shortcut to start earning.

They do not have a specific niche to focus on the reason, the audience gets bored. A niche is a crucial step for a successful blog as all the successful bloggers have a particular area to focus on and achieve goals.

People need something which is appealing to them. They crave the same content with a little contrast. So, focus and make goals regarding a specific niche, and you will see a difference.


3)    Patience is a Virtue:

Blogging takes time and effort. Avoid overnight success as there is nothing you can do about it in blogging. Many bloggers lose their commitment and passion during their blogging journey and hence, quit.

If you want to make money through blogging, treat your blog like a client.

Create content, edit, find images, and post. Always remember quality over quantity. You do not want people to open up your blog and find trash and spam content. That is certainly not how you do money blogging.


4)    Monetizing the Right Way:

You will find a pool of options when it comes to making money from blogging. Ads, affiliate marketing, courses, and sponsoring are some income streams that have their traffic requirements.

It is essential to divide your income streams in a balancing way to make sure you earn a balanced income.

5)    Build the Right Relationships:

For the blog to run successfully and not die in the process, you need to build appropriate relationships. Relationships with other influencers and bloggers are the central theme of your blog.

Provide value to others. Do not fall into relationships with a selfish mindset. Ask yourself: What are you providing to the others, What matters are you exchanging, and What are you getting in return?

When you are done, start creating a targeted list of sites you want to make contacts with, and start-up with your successful blogging career.


So these were the top 5 strategies that you need to follow to be successful in money blogging. We hope that you like it. Follow our newsletter for more interesting blogging and writing guides that will help you in the future.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Earn Money as a Writer by Making the Most of 7 Money-Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Becoming a paid writer is not a child’s play, as it requires a lot of effort from the writers who seek ways to earn money through writing. Without letting you wait anymore, let me come to the main point. There are certain ways through which you can earn money by writing. Here are 7 money-making ideas for you to begin earning a good sum of money: 
hire-me, 99writer

  1. Make Good Use of Your Personal Blog: Blogs are platforms that help you establish as a writer by writing pieces of work. You should post blog posts daily or weekly on your blog so that the readers can trust your expertise as a writer. I suggest that you include a link, “hire me” on your blog so that the people interacting with your blog can know that you are a writer for hire.

  2. Make the Most of Guest Post Websites: Today, you can uncover numerous guest posting websites. The good thing is that many guest post websites pay money to the writers, so I suggest you, write pieces of content for such websites and get paid. The Penny Hoarder is one of the many guest post websites that pay writers.

  3. Deploy Alumni Magazines: Many alumni magazines like to hire former students and pay such students as writers. All that you need to do to make the most of alumni magazine is to familiarize yourself with the pieces of information that alumni magazines actually need. STANFORD MAGAZINE is an alumni magazine that pays writers.
  4. Listicle Can Come in Handy: The Top 10 list is appreciated on the internet by the readers. For instance, you can write content about the following topics: Top 10 Wrestlers of All-Time or Top 10 Richest Personalities in the World. Many sites pay the writers for interesting top 10 lists, so you can get paid by writing the listicles. Listverse is a website that pays writers for posting listicles.

  5. Write an eBook: Yes, you can also publish an eBook and get paid. There are numerous websites on the internet where you can sell an eBook. As a writer, you would have expertise in a variety of subjects, so I recommend that you write different eBooks to regularly earn money through writing. Smashwords is a website where you can publish eBooks and get paid.

  6. Sign up on a Content Website: A good number of websites online pay writers for writing pieces of content. All that you need to do is to sign up on such websites and start earning money as a writer. Constant-Content is a website that pays writers for posting pieces of content.

  7. Enter a Writing Contest: Writing contests held every year in the different parts of the world. You can enter in such contests and come up with top-notch write-ups to win the grand prize. Writer’sDigest yearly organizes contests for writers, so you can become a part of such contests as a writer.
These are 7 ideas that you can capitalize on to make money by writing. Many writers have capitalized on these ideas in the past, and today they are recognized in the world as thought-leaders. You can join them if you adhere to the preceding 7 ideas wisely. Last but not least:
Have you Made Your Mind Now to Become a Paid Writer?

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Earn Money Online by Writing is a 5 Step Process

Words Speak for Money
Day in day out, multiple users search on Google: How can they make money online with the aid of their websites? In this post, I shall guide you about the 5 simple steps that you need to take to start generating income in a month. You may be able to set up a good website like OWG (Online Writers Guide) to help people and provide you with ways to earn money online. If you want to make the most of your website to earn money by writing, then you will need to focus on your audience’s problems, concerns, and aspirations. The target audience will not care about your website if it does not render them a personal value. Now let me discuss with you the 5 step process to make money by writing:


Step 1: Conduct an In-Depth Research

If you do not conduct in-depth research before you dip into the process of making money by writing, then the chances of your failure will be as high as 98%. You need to research the following:

  •          Find out about your possible visitors.
  •          Uncover the age of your visitors.
  •          Determine the hobbies and aspirations of your visitors.
  •          Find out what problems your visitors face daily.
  •    Try to come up with solutions for your visitors’ problems within your content.


Step 2: Should You Build a Blog or a Website?

You should build a blog than a website if you want to build a loyal audience. The blogs encourage the conversation; however, basic websites cannot serve your audience in an ongoing manner. You should build a blog either through Blogger or WordPress. If you know programming languages very well, then you should go with Blogger. If you are a novice programmer, then I suggest you, go with WordPress. The blogging platform will be the foundation for you to start writing and earn money through writing.


Step 3: Do Not Stop Posting Blog Posts Daily!

You will need to posts blog posts daily on your blog if you do not want to lose your target audience. It is great if you can write 2 or 3 posts daily; however, writing a single blog post will also do. Make sure your posts also have the sharing buttons and comment form so that the target audience can positively respond to your posts. Also, make sure that your audience gets the opportunity to like your posts.


Step 4: Make a Facebook page and Post Daily There

You should make a “Facebook Page” for your blog on Facebook. You should post a single article daily on that page if you want your target audience to stay engaged with your content continuously. The more friends you have on Facebook, the more are the chances for you to get loyal readers for your blog where you can post to earn money by writing.


Step 5: Link Building

You will need to create backlinks for your website (blog) out of it. You can submit guest posts on high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) websites to generate backlinks to your website. You can also submit articles on article directories to get backlinks. You can also post comments on the relevant blogs to get a link back to your website. The whole of this process is called “Link Building”, and it counts great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Build at least 10 to 20 backlinks for your single post.

Hopefully, you are now well-aware: How can you make money online by writing? All you need to do is to follow the preceding 5 steps, and then you will be rest assured of your success in a month.

What Are You Waiting for Now? Make a Website with a Unique Domain Name and Hosting Service, and Begin the Process to Earn Money by Writing.