5 Guest Posting Sites That Pay Writers Well



There had been a period when writers often used to try to reach both ends. There had been even those of us who believed that guest posting is extinct in the content marketing community (in the same way they said that SEO is outlawed). But today, those myths are proving to be wrong. I can tell you that guest blogging is alive here in 2020 and will possibly stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Guest posting is arguably the most significant way to write content, especially for students and for people who are new in this field. Almost all guest posting sites allow you to link your portfolio so that you can promote your own site as well. Today, modern guest posting is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to easily rank your content on Google. You can use your writing skills in today's era of the internet not just for a living, but some pretty good income from credible websites also.

So, here is an inclusive list of 5 Guest Posting Sites That Pay Writers Well. The list varies from lifestyle websites, freelancing websites,  and even parenting blogs.


5. eCommerce insiders

As the title implies, E-Commerce Insiders is an online information hub for all topics related to E-Commerce. They invite E-Commerce specialists to submit articles that are retail-focused and informative or about ecommerce insights.

The pay is $75 to $150 per article depending on the length of the chunk.


4. Rabble.ca

In Canada, Rabble.ca is the fastest growing website for progressive news. It welcomes pictures of stories from progressive activists from all over the world. Rabble favors the latest news or less favors the long-form articles.

The pay is $0.10 per word, up to $100 for professional pieces.


3. The Travel Writer's Life

Possessed by Great Escapes Publishing, the site features stories and guidance to help those who have made a business out of their solo travel.

Particularly, they tempt those skilled in travel photography, the import-export business, or running tours to contribute.

Their pay is $50-$75 for website requested articles and $150 to $200 for printable advice articles.


2. Smart Business Trends

This site reflects on the new trends in online marketing, so if you have encountered Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), social media marketing, letter for email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or something relevant, then this would be your guest blogging platform.

They don’t state immediately when they pay for guest blogs, but they do reflect that they also approve high-quality tutorials case studies and product reviews for which they offer between $100 and $200.


1.    Cracked

They recommend writing for this influential humor website if you have a neck for tickling the funny bones of people. This platform is especially renowned because of its list posts, but they post content in different forms.

They pay $100 each for a full characteristic article. They will consider paying you $200 for each article if you have published four articles with them. They also give a $50 reward if your article is among the 10 most prominent articles of the month.