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Top 10 Bloggers as Freelance Writers

A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website which includes diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites. There are a lot of successful bloggers as freelance writers. To be a successful blogger you need to have a host of traits. Moreover, a good blogger can also inherit good traits with the passage of time as a freelance writer. In this post, an account of the top 10 bloggers as freelance writers shall be discussed thoroughly covering their best characteristics. The key to success for a blogger is to write a lot, because the more you write, the better your writing gets. Therefore an effective blogger is indeed prolific, concise, analytical, a good learner, consistent and focused, a good manager, organized, persistent, self-starter, and firmly committed. Taking into account these significant and valuable traits, following bloggers as freelance writers seem to be the top 10 amongst a lot of other bloggers. Moreover, freelance writing is done in


There is a huge contrast between understanding the websites for content writing and being able to incorporate blogging as part of the digital strategy for those websites. As a  home-based content creator,  you might have a small list of "target" websites for which you would prefer to publish your content, but you don't know how your digital career would result. Or even just may not be sure which websites are up to your standards. The  freelance content writers  research for the best blogging sites in the market. The sites which are optimized in today’s standard. Many websites provide hundreds of features but only a few seem to be fruitful both for the  freelance content writers  and the audience/clients. If you are delivering extraordinary work and reaching the right sites with it, you should have tremendous opportunities. Many content writers hesitate while selecting a site to work for and often end up choosing the wrong platform. To avoid such mistakes, we have li

7 Proven ways to Make Money Writing from Home

All things on line begin with writing content. It is not difficult to write online as a freelancer, provided you have a few certain writing skills. The benefits of working remotely are matchless in terms of flexibility, autonomy, and often less time on the clock. However, all remote jobs are not created equal, and as a beginner, you feel a lot of difficulties. Further, it also depends on your blogging and marketing skills that include strong research skills, a good understanding of SEO, organizational skills, the quality to get focused, and the ability to meet deadlines. There are several techniques whereby you can make money writing from home for the websites. However, the following are the seven most proven ways of making money writing from home . 1. Start with a blog: There are several reasons to start a blog for personal use and business blogging to rank your website higher in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) to increase its visibility. Using a blog, you can share your con


2020 has given birth to the downfall of many business industries, but it has not affected the global shift to freelancing. For a few years, experts have been anticipating that the mass of the workforce will be freelanced. They thought that it will be a gradual shift. However, Covid-19 prompted it to happen in no time. Many physical writing platforms were imposed to shut down and thousands of employees lost their jobs. Those companies hired  freelance content writers  who can work remotely. It quickly became the standard to hire  freelance content writers  who work at home. In case you are a  freelance content writer  or aspiring to be one, you must be wondering:  What lies ahead for freelance content writers in 2021? So, here is the list:                    1.       More People will Come into this Industry According to a report, 13 million people in the past year have gone freelance. Freelancers are now adding $1.2 trillion to the market, a 22 percent rise since 2019. The key

Which is the best way to earn money in 2021 through writing?

Admittedly, money is an essential tool in life, and there is a host of ways to earn it using writing. Earning more money can provide you with more choices through writing in 2021. However, it is our capabilities as to which way we can earn seeing the scope thereof. At first, we need to look at the most common and possible ways to make money through writing, and those are mentioned as follows: ·     To write articles for famous Blogs, Journals, and Magazines. ·     Create collateral for content-hungry enterprises or businesses ·     Become a Best-selling author on kindle ·     Present yourself as a conversion-focused copywriter ·     Build a blog on a specific niche and promote third party product Freelancing, the finest way to earn money in 2021: People are concerned about finding a freelance writing job due to pandemic covid-19. However, there are still plenty of online writing jobs available for either a seasoned freelance writer or a fresh writer. It is rightly said, "Talent is