2020 has given birth to the downfall of many business industries, but it has not affected the global shift to freelancing. For a few years, experts have been anticipating that the mass of the workforce will be freelanced. They thought that it will be a gradual shift. However, Covid-19 prompted it to happen in no time. Many physical writing platforms were imposed to shut down and thousands of employees lost their jobs. Those companies hired freelance content writers who can work remotely. It quickly became the standard to hire freelance content writers who work at home.

In case you are a freelance content writer or aspiring to be one, you must be wondering: What lies ahead for freelance content writers in 2021?

So, here is the list:                  

1.      More People will Come into this Industry

According to a report, 13 million people in the past year have gone freelance. Freelancers are now adding $1.2 trillion to the market, a 22 percent rise since 2019. The key difference is that several people are now, out of necessity, doing freelance jobs. Before the pandemic, when they needed more flexibility and work-life balance, many individuals preferred to be freelancers. Then the pandemic struck, and thousands of people lost their full-time occupations. And mass companies began to understand that focusing on freelance content writers rather than full-time employees is mandatory. This implies that individuals who would otherwise prefer the security of a full-time job would be compelled to take on freelance jobs to earn a living.


2.      The Freelancing Job will Become More Stable

Freelancing has long been known as an unpredictable option for a profession. The salary is volatile and stuff like healthcare services don't count for freelancers. But the perception is changing fast. In 2021, The Freelancer's Association will help to create more mechanisms for freelancers i.e. inexpensive medical coverage, insurance, disability security, and much more will be provided. In 2021, you should expect to see organizations coming up that are built to help freelancers and provide more sustainability for the freelance content writers.


3.      The Freelance Content Writers Platforms Will Grow

There are now hundreds of freelance sites offering access to freelance content writers. These platforms allow you to find customers, market your services, and many of them enable you to directly charge customers within the application. In 2021, many of these sites will start to recognize freelancers as valued clients. The freelance pattern for 2021 will change to local support and offering services rather than treating freelancers as commodities.


4.      The Freelance Content Writers Will Continue Leaving Big Cities

In the past, some of the best freelance content writers' jobs were located in a handful of big cities. But now the job opportunities have dried up in big cities. The shift from big cities to small cities has started to begin. This transition away from big cities existed already but it got tremendous speed after the COVID-19 blow. Freelance content writers will have access to just as many career opportunities in small cities as in big cities in 2021. This freelance mode will dominate to a surge in small cities

5.      The Salary Will Increase

There is a huge rise of highly qualified freelance content writers, and studies indicate that there is a boost in the salary for freelancers. For example, a survey suggests that 60% of freelancers who quit their full-time job now make more money. And in 2021, all these numbers will undoubtedly continue to increase. Why? Because more people with exceptional writing skills will jump to freelancing.