Affiliate Marketing for Brands to Earn Money by Writing

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Freelance content writers can make money from writing in a variety of ways. Many home-based content writers also share tips for potential freelancers on how to earn money by writing via blog posts. One of the ways you can make money as a freelance content writer is through affiliate marketing, via blogging. Affiliate marketing for brands is not something new. Bloggers have been doing it for the past few decades, and you can do it, too. Persuasive writing is what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing that many bloggers do for brands to make money. You help a brand to make sales through affiliate marketing and earn a commission for your efforts. Freelance bloggers write relevant pieces of content with affiliate links about products or services of brands to promote them. If the visitors or customers turn into leads or buy products/services of brands that affiliates promote, freelance bloggers earn a commission. Thus, PPP (Pay-Per-Performance) affiliate marketing is popular with bloggers.

How Can You Do Affiliate Marketing for Brands?

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You must select a niche beforehand to do affiliate marketing for brands. Make sure you research the chosen affiliate niche to know its market demand. Find answers to the questions below before you invest your efforts in writing for that particular niche:

Q1. Do customers have any interest in the products or services you want to promote through affiliate marketing?

Q2. Are customers willing to buy those products or services?

Q3. How strong is the competition for your selected niche?

If customers have the will to buy products and services you want to promote, you can carry on. Nonetheless, you should have a look at the competition, too. More often than not, you can do affiliate marketing successfully for a business with weak competition. Here are some of the popular niches you may choose to do affiliate marketing as a freelance blogger:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Cosmetics & Beauty
  3. Gaming
  4. Education  
  5. Travel
Next, you must find a relevant affiliate marketing program to connect with and write promotional content, as per your niche. Here is a list of some affiliate marketing programs you may consider connecting with according to your chosen niche:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. ClickBank
  3. Coursera
  4. TravelPayouts
  5. FlexOffers

How to Write Affiliate Content and Make Money as a Freelance Content Writer

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You must write relevant content about the product or service of a business you want to promote through your blog post. Present promotional information in an organized and convincing manner in your post to persuade potential buyers to buy a product/service. You may highlight the best features of a product or a service to persuade customers: Why is it the best? If visitors find your post about a product or service helpful, they will likely click on the affiliate link. Consequently, you may get a commission if a business generates a lead or benefit from a sale.             

There are many ways to write promotional blog content for a business and earn a commission. Remember, writing high-quality content is mandatory for freelance bloggers to make money with affiliate marketing.  


Freelance content writers earn money by writing in different ways. One of the ways they opt for and make money is via affiliate marketing for brands. It is performance-based marketing and helps freelance bloggers to make money through commissions. Here are the steps, involved in affiliate marketing, for freelance bloggers:

  1. Bloggers choose a specific niche.
  2. Research their earning potential for the niche.
  3. Connect with a relevant affiliate marketing program to promote products or services of a related business
  4. Write a persuasive blog post about the product or service they want to promote.
  5. Customers read the post and turn into leads or converts, as per their interest.
  6. Finally, bloggers earn a commission for their marketing efforts from a brand they promote.